Custom Injection Molding



3D Prototyping

Hy-Ten offers state of the art 3D Production Prototyping Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM). With the click of a button we can take your conceptual idea and turn it into a functioning prototype in just days. We offer five different materials to meet all our clients needs. With this new software and hardware, our design engineers can bring you “From Imagination to Innovation” in less time and for less cost than most internally driven programs.

Design Services

Hy-Ten offers full-service design capabilities to provide an efficient transition from a program’s initial concept through mass production. With our state-of-the-art software and hardware, our design engineers can bring you from “Imagination to Innovation” in less time and for less cost than most internally driven programs. Mold Flow Simulation Software purchased 2015.

File Conversion

Using the latest versions of SolidWorks and Master Cam, Hy-Ten can import and convert your current data, reducing mistakes and shortening lead times.


Hy-Ten offers a variety of modeling options to satisfy any stage of the design and development process.

Scientific Molding

Scientific molding is a methodology used to create a robust injection molding process. A scientific molder uses fundamental knowledge of the mold, machine, and material to make parts that meet or exceed the requirements. Proper documentation is essential to developing machine parameters that will produce good parts. Several studies are performed in sequential order to build a record of inputs and outputs. These studies include but are not limited to transfer position, short shot-cavity balance, in-mold rheology, pack pressure, and gate seal study. Only the critical inputs and outputs for the specific studies will be recorded, as they are established, with the final process parameters and outputs specified on the Final Process Parameter Sheet. The molder can use this information to help make educated decisions about what parameters need to be changed to make good parts and ultimately reduce scrap.


Hy-Ten offers a complete mold making and design service, utilizing CAD/CAM technology to shorten overall production cycles, improve quality and reduce costs. Tools can be created at Hy-Ten’s preferred domestic suppliers or at our Asian affiliate where we have design engineers on staff. Here at Hy-Ten we have a state-of-the-art Tool Vault, environmentally controlled and integrated asset management software.

Injection Molding

With over five decades of plastic molding experience, Hy-Ten offers custom injection molding services, ranging from prototype and market entry molding to low- and high-volume manufacturing. Hy-Ten’s core competencies also include insert and clean room molding processes.

Clean Room Molding

Hy-Ten offers complete clean room manufacturing, including ultrasonic welding, adhesive processes, assembly and product packaging in our Certified Class 8 Cleanroom. Hy-Ten has molded many million complex disposable medical parts, each meeting tight tolerance and high performance requirements. Hy-Ten meets industry demands for high-volume parts with critical quality specifications. We are both process and machine capable of meeting your high quality standards.


Hy-Ten provides total solutions for any level of assembly. Whether assembled inside or outside our Class 8 Cleanroom, Hy-Ten and its valued partners can provide you with a fully assembled product.


For products that require additional operations such as ultrasonic welding, machining and drilling/tapping, Hy-Ten can help. We can also provide plating and decorative services, such as printing and painting with custom packaging, barcoding and vendor managed inventories. Hy-Ten is ready to help you complete the transformation from part to product, ready for packaging and delivery to your customer.

Additional Services

Additional services include Process Validations, PPAP's, FAI's, DOE's, Metrology Studies Cpk and Ppk.


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